Monday, June 1, 2009



Fronting two oceans, Panama offers an expert's choice of beaches, both on the mainland and on islands just offshore. Both coasts have beautiful beaches with crystal clear waters, white sand, coral reefs and coconut palm trees. From small coves to miles of open beaches, from sensual sandy beaches to rugged coasts, from popular beaches to deserted beaches, there is a beach for you in Panama. With so many possibilities, in Panama the challenge is choosing which one to visit.
With the exception of Chiriqui Highland, each region in Panama includes a unique and pleasurable beach destination. Only a few minutes drive from Panama City, you can find 80 kilometers of Pacific Beaches stretching from Punta Chame to Farallon offering resort hotels, sport facilities and restaurants for your enjoyment. Sailing enthusiasts can have their fun too in those quiet waters and visit the flower-island of Taboga or the enchanting Pearl Archipelago.
Just as is any other country with beaches, there are specific beaches, for specific activities. Surfing, which is the most popular water sports in Panama, can be practiced in beaches such as El Palmar, Rio Mar, Punta Barco and Playa Venao. On the other hand, if you are trying to find a partner for that special party on Saturday, then you better go to Coronado or Farallon.
Nevertheless, the first one of these beaches is 50 miles away from Panama City, but from that point on there is nothing but sand, sun, and waves. You can even hop in a bus and travel to many of these beaches in a day or two.

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