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 PANAMA CANAL  VACATION  All Inclusive Resorts


Visiting the Panama Canal is prefect to pass one day while on your family holiday vacation. Panama canal cruises are rich in both  history and culture. Panama was born from Latin and Spanish Cultures with a mix of friendly people and ancient traditions.  The famous Panama Canal is a must see as one of the most intriguing man made wonders of the world along with the ancient Mayan ruins of Panama Viejo, built in 1514 by Casco Viejo, where the city moved after it was plundered by Caribbean Buccaneers and pirates in 1670. Panama City and the Panama Canal have been declared "Patrimony of Humanity" by the United Nations due to their historic and architectural significance of Panama which has become a international sophisticated financial center with the commercial modern city.


Casco Viejo, Panama CIty
Casco Viejo, Panama CIty (Photo credit: kendtt MacElwee)
Panama Canal has cruise tours that start in the Pacific ocean and end at the Atlantic Ocean. The Panama Canal tour is considered the main attraction for all tourist that cruise to Panama, with its natural borders  Panama still offers great fishing, diving, or just beach combing.  Panama is protected under its National Parks program for wildlife preservation which makes it stunning for exotic bird watching and  nature lovers and Eco tourism with over two thousand types of Orchid, flora and fauna species native to Panama.

After your Panama cruise you can relax and enjoy Panama Restaurants that include seafood with fresh fish, lobster from both oceans and a vast selection of international fine dining and cuisines that can be found near panama,  Marbella, at the heart of the City, Casco Viejo and Fort Amador, at the entrance of the Canal, all lined with interesting international restaurants, bars, discos and clubs. Shopping in Panama is truly an adventure as you will find the very latest in electronics, high fashion and expensive jewelry as well as beautiful artwork and crafts, and all the luxury brand names in fashion. The legal currency in Panama is the USD so you don't have to worry about being cheated on the exchange rates and can focus all your attention of getting the best deal in the Panama shopping malls.
Panama Canal
Panama Canal (Photo credit: whatadqr)


Plan to take a Panama Cruise Tour and experience the natural wonders of the Panamanian people, its Mayan culture, pristine nature and of coarse the world famous Panama Canal. You can also stay in one of the many first class luxury hotels in Panama or book an all inclusive panama holiday complete with your very own Panama tour guide.

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